About ENC

Founded in 2001 as ENC Umweltberatung GmbH, the company had initially specialized in environmental consulting for industrial customers. Services included investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, environmental due diligence associated to property transaction and mergers & acquisitions as well as consulting in the fields of industrial environmental protection: water, air and waste.

Since then, the scope has evolved to a full-services environmental, health and safety consulting firm. This evolution has resulted in a name-change in early 2019, where the company became ENC GmbH, removing the original “Umweltberatung” (or environmental consulting) from the name. At the same time the management has been re-structured, with one partner taking oversight for each of the three fields of business.

Our industrial customers usually prefer to remain anonymous and comprise small and mid-cap German companies as well as large multinational manufacturing firms. Our location is near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and we are proud that we serve our clients all over Germany, across Europe and Worldwide. Our staff has successfully completed over 200 projects on every continent – with the exception of Antartica.


We offer a wide spectrum of service around all aspects of environmental protection. We assess liabilities during the sale or purchase of real estate, single sites or multi-site Mergers & Acquisition projects, we support you with respect to industrial environmental protection, environmental compliance. We investigate soil and groundwater for all types of contaminants, and, if needed, we are planning and overseeing the clean-up.

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We are part of the Entrepreneurs4furure network.

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Health is not a coincidence, but a result! Is that true? Experts have identified the personal lifestyle as a determining factor to facilitate and preserve health.
Since 2005 ENC offers corporate and private clients professional support and advice, with outstanding results and many satisfied customers.

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Industrial Safety

Unsere Mitarbeiter sind geprüfte Fachkräfte für Arbeitssicherheit (SiFa). Der Schwerpunkt unserer Arbeit liegt dabei im Bereich des EHS Due Diligence.

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