We offer a wide spectrum of service around all aspects of environmental protection. We assess liabilities during the sale or purchase of real estate, single sites or multi-site Mergers & Acquisition projects, we support you with respect to industrial environmental protection, environmental compliance.  We investigate soil and groundwater for all types of contaminants, and, if needed, we are planning and overseeing the clean-up.

EHS Due Diligence

We perform Due Diligence audits during transfer of a real estate or firms. During M&A projects, we determine the liability for either environmental aspects only, or for the whole field of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).

Due Diligence is usually performed in different steps. During the Phase I Environmental Assessment, past and present processes and operations are evaluated regarding their risk for soil, groundwater, human health and the environment. The review of historic information is combined with a site visit to determine the risk of contamination. This does not comprise any drilling, sampling or analysis. The Phase I follows the globally accepted ASTM standard 1527, as far as applicable in the respective country.

Only if the Phase I identifies so-called “Recognized Environmental Conditions”, or REC’s, is a Phase II advised, where targeted sampling aims to prove or deny the existence of an impact to soil, groundwater or the environment.

The Phase I EDD is usually done in parallel with an EHS compliance audit, where it is determined if all current operations and processes are properly permitted and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

As M&A projects are usually time-critical and interdisciplinary, we are used to work quick, reliable, and to blend into global teams.

Industrial Environmental Protection

Our consultants are certified experts for water and waste water management, industrial emission control and waste management. Currently we are supporting industrial customers with the implementation of the German Classified Installations Act (AwSV). We assess the processes and installations, prepare the mandatory documentation identifiy gaps and areas for improvement, and prepare corrective action plans, if needed.

One of our special focus areas is preventive industrial environmental protection. We support or clients to plan, install and operate their processes not only to be legally compliant, but also in a way to avoid soild and groundwater contamination from the beginning. We also audit existing processes and installations, assess their risk  and help you optimize and improve.


Audit Support

Many corporations run internal EHS audit programs that can be very comprehensive and demanding. We support sites to prepare for such audits. Depending on customer requirements, we focus on legal compliance only, or we consider internal EHS requirements as well.

Investigation and Risk Assessment

If a risk to human health the environment by contaminants in soil or groundwater is identified, we guide you through the required investigations – considering laws and regulations of the respective state or country.

For each project or site, we develop a tailored investigation work plan, starting with a review of historical information and interviews with employees. Areas of concern are addressed by drilling, sampling and analysis of relevant media. If contamination exists at a level that requires further investigation, we delineate and characterize until the risk can be assessed. Finally, if required by law or if triggered by an unacceptable risk level we prepare remediation work plans, estimate costs and oversee implementation of the clean-up.


Remediation of Soil and Groundwater

If constituent concentrations in the subsurface require a clean-up, we perform a screening of feasible remediation technologies for our clients. Starting with the site-specific risk and a transparent determination of clean-up objectives we develop a remediation strategy in line with the requirements of the regulatory agencies.

There is a multitude of available technologies to clean almost every contaminant. To find the method best suited for your case and your site is our task. Does the clean-up have to completed quickly, because the site will be sold? Do you have time, because the factory will continue to operate? Is there enough space for remediation systems, or has the methodology to be adapted for confined conditions? Is there a risk to third parties or is the impact limited to your property? Are you planning a change of use? The legal requirements and your project objectives have to be aligned and we will ensure the resulting remediation project is tailored to your needs.

For nearly 20 years we consult our clients globally regarding the clean-up of soil and groundwater. We manage projects with reductive dechlorination and multi-phase extraction in Shanghai, pump&treat in Spain or phyto-remediation in Baden-Württemberg. Monitoring in France, heavy oil clean up in Poland and in-situ oxidation in South Germany – each and every project is different and each and every one requires a unique, site-specific approach.